Dobby - Peluche interactive - Harry Potter

Dobby - Peluche interactive - Harry Potter

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Mesure 32 cm de hauteur. Cette peluche interactive Dobby parle 16 phrases, 10 quand on lui presse le ventre et 6 autres quand on lui met la chaussette dans la main.

Voix anglaise :

''Harry Potter Freed Dobby? How can Dobby ever repay hime''

''Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf''

''Master has presented Dobby With clothes''

''Master has given Dobby a sock''

''Dobby is free''

''Dobby was only trying to help''

''Dobby wonders where to begin''

''He haa Hahah HoHooo Yuhhuh''


''I shouldn't have said that''

''Indeed. Yessir''

''Oh ! yessir. dobby understands''

''Such and honor it is''

''That was an awful thing to say''

''Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir''